The Blood/Lust Narrative

Juliette sees her reflection.

There is a young girl already trying to survive her difficult world who gets thrown into a war between two vampires that started hundreds of years before she was born. As we follow the story of young Juliette, an artist, survivor, and occasional trickster, birthed from a neighborhood in decay and family in shreds, we see her tenacity and skill to rise above everything life (and the undead) can throw at her.

Mom talks to Juliette.

As the sneak preview trailer shows, Ben and Roderick slam into the hard life of our young heroine, without understanding how their own tortured and unresolved conflict affects the life of this troubled girl. She has to decide whether to get pulled in or rise above their endless war.

Roderick and Juliette talk.

Allies are found, adversaries are confronted, but ultimately it is up to Juliette to use her street-wise skills to battle her own enemies and find her true family. If Juliette can discern the truth before it is too late for her to make the right choice, she might survive. The resolution gets more uncertain as the stakes get higher in Blood/Lust, which is why we say…

Ben warns Juliette.

Every family has a stake in the future.