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This is the official website for the feature-length vampire film Blood/Lust, coming this year. Watch our sneak preview trailer right here as we finish post-production. Scroll down to learn more!

Blood/Lust is a vampire film shot entirely in Massachusetts about the dark journey of a 13-year-old girl who needs to find her true family before her world collapses.

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Every family has a stake in the future.

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The Blood/Lust Narrative

Juliette sees her reflection.

There is a young girl already trying to survive her difficult world who gets thrown into a war between two vampires that started hundreds of years before she was born. As we follow the story of young Juliette, an artist, survivor, and occasional trickster, birthed from a neighborhood in decay and family in shreds, we see her tenacity and skill to rise above everything life (and the undead) can throw at her.

Mom talks to Juliette.

As the sneak preview trailer shows, Ben and Roderick slam into the hard life of our young heroine, without understanding how their own tortured and unresolved conflict affects the life of this troubled girl. She has to decide whether to get pulled in or rise above their endless war.

Roderick and Juliette talk.

Allies are found, adversaries are confronted, but ultimately it is up to Juliette to use her street-wise skills to battle her own enemies and find her true family. If Juliette can discern the truth before it is too late for her to make the right choice, she might survive. The resolution gets more uncertain as the stakes get higher in Blood/Lust, which is why we say…

Ben warns Juliette.

Every family has a stake in the future.

The Origin Story

At a networking gathering in the Eastworks Building, a converted textile building used for studios and artists in Easthampton, Massachusetts, the two producers of Blood/Lust met for the first time.

B&W Headshot of Dave Zagorski
Dave Zagorski

Dave Zagorski, a local filmmaker who had already made two feature horror films in the small towns of Western Massachusetts, was working on his third feature with a script about how a centuries-long fight between two feuding vampires would spill into the already dark life of a young girl who wished she could escape her own world.

B&W Headshot of Rowan Morrigan
Rowan Morrigan

Rowan Morrigan had moved from Los Angeles and was looking for a project to produce to get grounded in the local filmmaking scene, having worked as a film editor and director for two decades. When he attended the networking event designed to bring local filmmakers together and got to talking with Dave, it was the perfect opportunity to team up and develop the film together.

Although the project was already named and well developed, Rowan jumped in with Dave to finish development and start pre-production.

The Cast

The soul of every independent film depends on the cast to bring it to life. We feel fortunate to have located incredibly talented actors to work with us. The director, Dave Zagorski, worked extensively with local casting to find actors who understood the vampire genre and expanded their characters with their own acting style.

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Sydney Carreiro Plays Juliette

Sydney Carreiro headshot

Sydney Carreiro is a lead actor in Blood/Lust, performing as Juliette when she was only 15 years old at the time of filming. She is currently studying acting with Denise Simons and vocal instruction with Daniel Orama and Fred Scheff. She attends LaSalle Academy in Providence, Rhode Island, where she does regular on-camera work for the school’s weekly “Homeroom of the Week” show. She works on many of the school’s television station segments and film projects as dp, film and sound editor, and as a voice-over artist. Most recently she stage managed their Christmas show. This year she is prepping to pursue a college major in Musical Theater with four hours of ballet and two hours of vocal training every week.

Glen Robert Plays Ben

Glen Robert headshot

Glen Robert is a lead actor in the role of Ben. He has been involved in television, getting his start hosting monster truck shows with Doc Reilly of ESPN, then as the host of “Balls of Steel,” a motorcycle stunt show. Glen wrote two reality show pilots and was a producer and host for newly-created lifestyles shows in New York. More recently he’s been studying acting in New York and has been cast in several films besides Blood/Lust: The thriller “One” starring Lance Henriksen and another titled “Outlaw” about Jesse James.

Dante Savion Plays Roderick

Dante Savion headshot

Dante Savion plays a lead as Roderick. He works in independent films in a variety of roles across New England. Comfortable in front of the camera and behind the scenes, his work ranges from sound design to quartermaster to stunts. Most notably, he served as both Assistant Director and lead in Nick Rapuano’s Connecticut-based feature “Route 80,” a drama that earned two awards at the 2018 New Haven International Film Festival. A second collaboration between them is set with the release of the feature film “Take Care of Emily” in the summer of 2019.

Tim Dwyer Plays Joe

Tim Dwyer Headshot

Tim Dwyer plays the role of Juliette’s stepfather Joe. He is a series regular in the Fan Fiction web series “The Web of Spider-Man” as Capt. Stacey. He is actively auditioning for TV roles in New York and tentatively booked for a major supporting role on an upcoming streaming TV series. Tim was a finalist for the lead role on the Investigation Discovery true crime show “Evil Lives Here.”

Stephanie Cochran Plays Amanda

Stephanie Cochran plays Amanda, the mother of Juliette. She is an actress currently based in New England with a BA in acting from Salem State University. Her passion for acting has lead her to create her own production company, Supermoon Studios, which is currently developing its first feature in which she has the leading role of Luna. Her company also produces two podcasts titled “A Witch in the Woods” and “Dark Happening,” both being developed now.

Molly MacLeod Plays Alyssa

Molly MacLeod plays Alyssa. She has been acting for more than 10 years with her most-recent roles as Carolyn in “The Bridges of Madison County,” Val in “A Chorus Line,” and other roles in children’s theatre. Molly is currently signed with the Boston-based agency Model Club, Inc. She has also become an Actors Equity Candidate. Her lifetime goal is to continue as a professional actor.

Buck Biestek Plays Martel

Buck Biestek plays Detective Martel. He is an actor, author and screenwriter based in Naples, Florida. Buck released his film “Room 7” worldwide on Amazon Prime in December, 2018, in which he starred, as well as wrote, cast, and produced. He is shopping his completed feature screenplay “River Magic” currently.

Laura Markis Plays Karen

Laura Markis plays Karen. Laura recently starred in “We Have Your Wife,” a comedic, award-winning short by Fat Foot Films screening at independent film festivals throughout the United States. She will soon be featured in “The Edge of the Universe,” a feature directed by Blood/Lust cameraman Zach Chechile.

Philip Byrnes Plays Martin

Philip Byrnes plays Martin. Philip enjoys acting on both screen and stage. His recent credits include: “High School Musical,” “The Addams Family,” and “Footloose.” Philip is trained in ballroom dancing and is a baritone bass vocalist.