The Origin Story

At a networking gathering in the Eastworks Building, a converted textile building used for studios and artists in Easthampton, Massachusetts, the two producers of Blood/Lust met for the first time.

B&W Headshot of Dave Zagorski
Dave Zagorski

Dave Zagorski, a local filmmaker who had already made two feature horror films in the small towns of Western Massachusetts, was working on his third feature with a script about how a centuries-long fight between two feuding vampires would spill into the already dark life of a young girl who wished she could escape her own world.

B&W Headshot of Rowan Morrigan
Rowan Morrigan

Rowan Morrigan had moved from Los Angeles and was looking for a project to produce to get grounded in the local filmmaking scene, having worked as a film editor and director for two decades. When he attended the networking event designed to bring local filmmakers together and got to talking with Dave, it was the perfect opportunity to team up and develop the film together.

Although the project was already named and well developed, Rowan jumped in with Dave to finish development and start pre-production.